Handwritten Recruitment Letters

handwritten recruitment letters get results!Recruit for Sports Teams, Medical Schools, Non-Profits, Military, Corporate, etc.

vLetter handwriting fonts provide an effective way to complete the volume of letters you need to produce while adding that personal touch!

Address the envelope, write the letter, and sign it using your own personal handwriting font. You can even mail-merge from a mailing list for those really big jobs.

  • Coaches: Use your own personal handwriting font in a handwritten recruitment letter to stand out from the crowd.
  • Hiring Managers: Send personal handwritten letters of interest to your new college hiring prospects.
  • Non-profit Marketers: Raise interest, volunteers, and money the smart way using personal handwritten recruitment letters.
  • School Department Heads: add that little personalized handwritten P.S. note at the bottom of your letter to add your personality into your correspondence.

Provide a truly personalized way to get your message across. You can choose from one of our Ready-Made Handwriting Styles, or for that one-of-a-kind message, use the personal handwriting style of the sender. Either way, the emotional impact of hand-addressed recruitment letters demands attention and guarantees response.

Why should I use vLetter for recruitment letters?

Example of Handwritten Recruitment LettersvLetter handwriting fonts will give your handwritten recruitment letters and envelopes that personal touch of handwriting, which is far more welcoming than using standard typefaces like Times or Arial, and more warm and realistic than conventional engineered script fonts like Mistral.

People look through their mail quickly to decide what to open and what to toss. vLetter handwriting fonts used in the sender’s and recipient’s envelope address of your handwritten recruitment letters help your envelopes stand out from typed addresses and convey a personal sense of urgency.

Read this study about the advantages of using handwritten recruitment letters.

If you’re going to send out more than a couple of thousand of recruitment letters at a time, please see our vLetter Direct Mail Program.

sample fund raising letter with handwriting font More Handwritten Recruitment Letter samples coming soon! sample envelopes with handwriting font