Customer Testimonials

Here’s what our customers are saying about our Handwriting Fonts:

“I love it! Now I can type personal letters that look like I wrote them by hand!”
-D.M., Huntsville, AL

“Great product and excellent idea; it provides a look much better than my actual handwriting.”
-J.D, Kansas City, MO

“I was absolutely in awe of what you have done. Happy! Yes! Very pleased. You are to be congratulated. It’s so easy to use — looks exactly like my handwriting. Thanks so very much!.”
-N.K., Spring Hill, FL

“Easy to install. Works perfect for my purpose — to sign letters I send to potential customers. Good work!”
-B.S., Newton Highlands, MA

“Remarkably pleased! The product is a wonderful toy and an interesting business tool. In response to correspondence I’ve sent, commentary on PenFont precedes business exchange.”
-R.K., Highland Park, IL

“I’m very pleased! Great boon to older people whose handwriting continues to get worse.”
-T.D., Madison, WI

“Love this software. Now I can “write” letters without getting hand cramps.”
-J.F., Waipahu, HI

“This product is slick! I was skeptical at first, and was very pleasantly surprised by the results.”
-H.S., Boston, MA

“Excellent — innovative product!”
-M. N., Don Mills, ON, Canada

“Very easy to install and use. I am so excited about having my own writing to personalize notes and letters to customers!”
-P.F., Tempe, AZ

“I love this! This is the greatest software I have ever gotten for my computer! I’m so excited about PenFont, I don’t think I will use any of my other 750 fonts on my system!”
-C.K., St. Paul, MN

“Great program. Even for people who have miserable penmanship like myself!”
-V.L., Tampa, FL

“This program is great fun and very accurate.”
-R.R, Hope Valley, RI

“I am absolutely thrilled with my Personal Font; personalized appearance is very professional in text and layout.
-H.W., Auckland, NZ

“This product will make me a more frequent letter writer. My friends and relatives will be impressed and love me even more (not knowing how fast it now is)!”
-J.H., Omaha, NE

“I love it! This is the neatest computer program yet!”
-L.L., Eunice, LA

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!”
-D.M., Enid, OK

“I’m really glad you exist. Thanks!”
-M.W., San Mateo, CA

“I am in awe! How wonderful it is to be able to type away and then read my own handwriting; it has personalized my computer.”
-A.W., England

“This service is very useful to me because of my Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.”
-K.H.S., The Netherlands

“The handwriting font is incredible! Am telling my friends about the quality of it, too. Thanks!”
-S.C., Sherman Oaks, CA

“vLetter is a very nice product for business to personalize the communication process.”
-P.C., New York, NY

“Great product and really quick shipping. My font really does look exactly like my handwriting.”
-T.D., Santa Cruz, CA

“I bought this software to create a usable font of my own handwriting with a skeptical attitude, but now that I’ve received it and used it, it is awesome! The instructions were clear, everything arrived in the time and manner promised, and the product exceeded my expectations!”
-M.R., San Jose, CA

“This font is UNBELIEVABLE! No one is suspecting that I’m not handwriting my notes and letters myself! Undistinguishable from my own handwriting! Great job!”
-J.G., Lookout Mountain, TN