Version 4.6 Update for Windows

Please Note: This update is intended for users of Windows Vista or Windows 7 with older versions of Microsoft Office (2002–2007). Those versions still require the vLetter Toolbar to convert text to handwriting in Word documents. Users with Office 2010 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 should upgrade to the new SmartFont version, which does not need the Toolbar.

What changes are included in the update?

– vLetter has full support in 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7, and in 64-bit versions with 32-bit compatibility mode.
– The vLetter Toolbar has full support in 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office, and improved functionality in Windows Vista and 7, so it does not cause Word to crash.
Note: the Toolbar is not supported in the 64-bit version of Office.
– The vLetterWriter can send handwritten emails in Windows Vista and 7 (some restrictions may still apply depending on your ISP).
– The SigSoft Handwriter is included for converting text to handwriting in other programs, such as Excel and WordPad. Note: this does not run on 64-bit systems. Use the vLetterWriter to copy/paste handwriting into other programs.

Are there any known issues with the update?

Microsoft Word 2007–2010 has a bug that sometimes prevents the Signature from being correctly inserted the first time. Word has trouble with inserting high-ascii text characters (where the signature resides) and then changing the font used to display those characters. This bug exists even if you create a new macro and assign a Microsoft font to be used.
The work-around: If your signature inserts as “junk” the first time, simply hit Ctrl-Z to Undo, then hit the Signature button again. If you leave Word open while you work, and close only the documents, then this error disappears, but it can appear again the next time you start Word.
Note: This bug does not affect fonts that use capital letters (low-ascii text) to type signatures or logos.

What products are eligible for the update?

All 4.0–4.5 versions of vLetter for Windows are eligible for the 4.6 update. Versions 3.x and earlier of Signature Software can be upgraded to version 4.6 for the usual price. Information about upgrading older Schoolhouse Fonts products can be found at

How many updates do I need?

– If you purchased more than one vLetter product, then one update installation will update all 4.x software on your computer. You can also purchase a new software item, if you wish, and it will update your existing 4.x software.
– If more than one person purchased the software at an office location, then each person needs to purchase a copy of the updater to comply with the End User License Agreement.

How can I get the updated software?

– If you have your version 4.0–4.5 still installed, simply purchase the update below. You can download the update from the Order Confirmation page when your order is complete. SAVE the file to your hard drive, then double-click it to install the update (for 64-bit Windows: right-click the saved file, then choose “Run as administrator”).
– You can also save the file on a portable drive to take home or to the office to update your software at those locations.
– If you have lost your software, please contact us to replace your software and purchase the update. The price will be the replacement cost of your software plus the update cost.

Price: $50
(Windows users only)