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Your company logo as a font!

We can turn your company logo into a font. This makes it easier to insert your company logo into documents for printing. Logo fonts can also be scaled up or down as needed, and color applied to parts of the logo (just like applying color to any other font in a document). You can create letterhead and business cards on demand, plus more, with your company logo as a font. Available for Windows, Macintosh or Unix.

2-dimensional logos with areas of flat color can be made into fonts. 3-dimensional logos, photo-realistic logos, or logos with gradients do not make good fonts, since the complexity of the image and color scheme will be lost when made into a font.

Below are some examples of logo fonts. These logos have been split across several keystrokes. This allows color to be applied to individual elements within the logo. The letters above the logo show the keystrokes typed to show the entire logo in color, plus what letters add each color.



Williams Lincoln_Const



PrudentRE UMinn


How does it work?

Simply pick your font from the menu and type the specific keystrokes assigned to your logo. You can also have optional keystrokes for variations on the logo.

NOTE: Logo fonts are made of the logo design only, and may include company information (such as address, motto, member names, etc.). Logo fonts do not include any lettering in the logo being expanded into an entire alphabet for typing text.

How do I order?

Logo fonts start at $200, depending on the complexity of the logo, and if there are any color separations required. Contact us for a quote or add the price quote to the cart below, and we’ll get back to you. We will need to see the logo image (via email) and any extra text in order to give an accurate quote.

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