About vLetter

Who We Are

vLetter, Inc. is the leading international producer of custom handwriting fonts and the only producer of custom cursive handwriting fonts. Our mission is to build and improve personal and business relationships utilizing personalized handwritten correspondence. Our headquarters and primary production facility is located in Hood River, Oregon, USA.

Our History

old Signature Software logoSignature Software, Inc. was founded in June 1988 and produces and markets low-cost handwriting fonts for Apple Macintosh and Windows users. From 1988 to the spring of 1992, the company’s founders developed patented technology and a set of tools for rapidly producing custom fonts that reproduce handwriting. Since each font is unique, handwriting fonts represent the most direct and effective way to personalize word processing (and personal computers in general).

In May of 1992, Signature Software released its first product, Personal Font, a custom handwriting font that accurately reproduces a customer’s handwriting style. While conventional fonts have a single shape for each capital and lowercase letter, thanks to Signature Software’s patented technology, Personal Font varies the shapes of letters as well as their connections. Personal Font was the only context-sensitive custom handwriting font available on the market, allowing users to create handwritten documents with their personal computers.

Siggy, our old mascotIn June of 1993, the company introduced its second product, PenFont, a custom font that features a keyboard character set in printed handwriting. PenFont International, an expanded version of PenFont including European accented characters, and WriteType, an enhanced version of Personal Font, were both made available in the fall of 1993. Since then, various handwriting font packs have been brought to the market, including Schoolhouse Fonts, a collection of handwriting fonts designed for teaching handwriting. Personal Font – Western Europe, available in spring of 1997, outfits the original custom handwriting font with the ability to write in most Western European foreign languages. Other products continue to be developed and the product line diversified.

In 2000, the company changed its name to vLetter, Inc., to mean “virtual letter.” Product names were also updated to reflect the new name: the Personal Font became vLetter Pro, the Penfont became vLetter Print, and SignIt! became vLetter Sig. In 2003, the company acquired FontSource, a company in Tennessee that produced fonts of people’s signatures only, and also logo fonts.

What We Do

vLetter, Inc. produces and markets affordable handwriting fonts, allowing Apple Macintosh and Windows users to create handwritten documents with their personal computers. We want to help put the “personal” back into personal computing.

About Our Products

Writing to friends and family is a snap!vLetter, Inc. can create a font from any handwriting style — even connected cursive. Our handwriting fonts are as varied as their users: they can be custom made (created from single-page handwriting samples) or purchased as a ready-to-use font; in printed styles, cursive or anywhere in between!

Each vLetter handwriting font is created individually by a font designer using patented technology. Our dynamic contextual fonts have letters that vary shapes and connections according to where the letters occur within a word. Handwriting fonts are produced with the aid of proprietary production software. Custom fonts are created from single-page handwriting samples written on our special sample forms.