Handwritten Direct Mail

Handwritten Direct Mail really gets results!The vLetter Handwritten Direct Mail program provides a truly personalized way to get your message across. You can choose from one of our Ready-Made Handwriting Styles, or for that one-of-a-kind message, use the personal handwriting style of the sender. Either way, the emotional impact of real handwritten addressed correspondence demands attention and guarantees response.

Why should I use vLetter for handwritten direct mail?

If you have a LOT of Hand Addressed Direct Mail to send!  :-)vLetter handwriting fonts will give your correspondence that personal touch of handwritten letters and envelopes, which are far more welcome than standard typefaces like Times or Arial, and more realistic than conventional script fonts.

People look through their mail quickly to decide what to open and what to toss. Our handwriting fonts, used in the Sender’s and Recipient’s address, help your envelope stand out from “typed” addresses and convey a personal sense of urgency.

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There’s detailed instructions in our blog and newsletter on how to do envelope addressing using mail merge in Word 2008 and newer.

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The following is needed only if your printing software can’t yet handle OpenType advanced features:

Address List Conversion Service for Handwritten Direct Mail

The problem: You want to produce your own mailing, but need your database converted to use the vLetter font you choose because your printing software doesn’t utilize OpenType Advanced Features. See why conversion is needed.

The solution: This conversion service will ensure the characters are contextual and will connect properly when printed on compatible equipment.

You can use our conversion service to perform a small test mailing, or to do a much larger campaign. You can also do your own conversion with vLetter conversion utilities if you hold a direct mail license.

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sample fund raising letter with handwriting font More Handwritten Direct Mail samples coming soon! sample envelopes with handwriting font