Other Educational Links

vLetter and Schoolhouse Fonts are dedicated to helping your students learn. The following educational links are provided for this purpose.

History of Handwriting – the development of handwriting and the modern alphabet.

WIMA History of Handwriting – Another History of Handwriting Page. This one by WIMA.

Writing Resources for Teachers page – WIMA Links to some excellent Teacher resources and activities.

Writing Resources for Parents page – WIMA Links to some excellent Parent resources and activities.

Campaign for Cursive website – Cursive is Cool!

Learning A-Z – literacy-focused PreK-6 resources for instruction and practice.

ProTeacher – Discussion boards for K-6 teachers.

edhelper.com – So many links, so little time!

Homeschool Advisor – Hundreds of sites that have been checked by the site’s author.

Teacher.com – The name says it all.

SchoolExpress – Free worksheets and other goodies.

Super Summary – Lots of study and resource guides.

www.DNealian.com – The official D’Nealian® site.

Microsoft & vLetter technology page – Shows a Signature Software/vLetter collaboration with Microsoft.

The Ultimate Guide to Teacher and Educator Discounts – links to educator discounts for supplies and services

Managing Classroom Behavior – guide to to Maximizing Student Learning

Classroom Management Module – from the American Psychological Association (APA)

Top Proven Classroom Management Tips – A list of tips to help manage your classroom more efficiently and effectively

School Psychologist Website Links – additional links from ESU2 in Nebraska regarding Behavior, Classroom Management, Math, Motivation, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Fluency

Teaching Education Guides that include lists of scholarships, comprehensive degree program data, licensing & certification info by state, and career profiles for the industry.

Infographic Source:Amsterdam Printing