Ready-Made Cursive Handwriting Fonts

Use in Microsoft Word 2008 or newer, Pages, Adobe, Internet Explorer and other browsers

use handwriting fonts on your computerCreate handwritten letters and envelopes with our Ready-Made cursive handwriting fonts! If you don’t need your own handwriting as a font, than you’ll be sure to find the perfect ready-made style here. These fonts are great for producing handwritten letters, cards, scrapbooking, mail merges for direct mail, and more.

          • NEW! Letters connect or vary as you type
          • NEW! End-of-word tails for cursive fonts
          • NEW! Extra variations for caps and numbers
          • NEW! Cross-platform font format

These new cursive handwriting fonts (SmartFonts) utilize OpenType font technology and vLetter’s proprietary cursive handwriting font technology to create the real connected cursive and contextual variety of natural handwriting. Even the “printed” fonts here change their shapes depending on their positions in a word.

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This handwriting font connects as you type!

How does it work?

Simply select any font from the Font menu and start typing! Change the fonts to any size and color. The letters in these fonts instantly connect or vary in shape as you type in programs that support contextual alternates in OpenType fonts.

Requires MS Word 2008 or newer, Apple Pages, Adobe apps, or all modern browsers. Click here to see full system requirements.

How to Order

Select the font you like from the list below and add it to your shopping cart. Purchase online, and then download the software from the Order Confirmation page. You can also add CD shipping during the checkout process.

All fonts available in US English character sets only, except the fonts Eileen, Lisette, LiteEuro and Werner, which also include Western European characters.

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Aldo handwriting font
Aldo has been a forest ranger all his life. He’s been chased by a bear, stung by nettles, caught outdoors overnight in a torrential downpour, and camped in subzero weather. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. Aldo’s parents were a big influence on him – his father a surveyor and his mother an artist. He is one of the men responsible for the Stelvio Pass, which is the highest (and arguably one of the most artistic) passes in the Eastern European Alps.
Colleen handwriting font
Colleen is the sweet Irish lass everyone loves. Working behind the bar at the O’Leary’s Pub has taught her a thing or two about human nature, and she’s always willing to lend an ear to help ease your troubles. She studied calligraphy with one of the best Irish known calligraphers Noeleen Frain, though Colleen’s style is a bit relaxed for Noeleen’s taste, she appreciates the casual readability of Coleen’s hand. Fun-loving, red-headed, and full of spirit, Colleen is a beer-lover’s dream!
Dave handwriting font
How great would it be to know how to make your own chocolates? Dave Wickfen designs and creates his own line of the most fabulous chocolate truffles in the western world. From lavish caramels to bittersweet treats, to creamy mousse fillings, Dave has something for every sweet tooth.
Eileen handwriting font
Eileen is a lefty with a passion for writing. She has penned hundreds of short stories, and a dozen novels. Eileen hails from the Midwest, has a PhD in history, and is a professor at a prestigious Midwestern university where she teaches creative writing courses that are designed to help writers who are looking to write period pieces. Eileen loves of all things pink. Pink slippers, pink lipstick, and pink carnations–she even wears a pink ring on her pinkie.
Erhard handwriting font
“To be, or not to be, that is the question” that Erhard is constantly asking himself and others. A lover of Shakespeare, Erhard is always quoting the Bard and making references to his plays and sonnets. We say go for it Erhard, and “to thine own self be true.”
Erwin handwriting font
Erwin is a fast paced hard driving race enthusiast. If it’s got wheels and is steerable, Erwin has probably raced it.  He travels around the world looking for new challenges, and the bigger the better. His last endeavor took him to Bingham, Utah and the Bingham Canyon Mine, where he raced 4 Caterpillar 797’s (the largest commercially produced vehicle) with a top speed of 45 mph!  His handwriting style reflects his passion for speed.
Gorilla handwriting font
Gorilla is one of the more unique styles. Gary is a 5 year old gorilla on loan from the University at Brisbane and demonstrates amazing cognitive abilities. Under the careful tutelage of famed primate researcher Robert Fouts and a specially designed pen, Gary was able to submit a sample of his writing. (The sample had to be scaled way down in order to be made into font.)
Harry handwriting font
Harry is the twin brother of Ira, so we named a font after each. Although they are identical twins, you can tell them apart by their politics. Harry leans to the left, while Ira clearly has right-leaning tendencies.
Ira handwriting font
Harry is the twin brother of Ira, so we named a font after each. Although they are identical twins, you can tell them apart by their politics. Harry leans to the left, while Ira clearly has right-leaning tendencies.
Jocelyn handwriting font
Jocelyn Ito is a designer of Japanese gardens. That’s why her font is simple, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. A deep resonance with nature, an eye for beauty, and a lover of the color palette of the garden, Jocelyn has as natural and gentle flow.
Lisa handwriting font
We met Lisa Taylor in 1969 at Woodstock (yes, some of us are that old). She was dressed in a tie dye skirt, peasant blouse, and was sporting love beads. Fast forward to the present and we find Lisa running her own company selling those same love beads at rock concerts–and she’s still wearing tie dye.
Lisette handwriting font
Lisette is Lisa Taylor’s daughter, but you might not guess that if you saw the two of them together. Considered the black sheep by her hippie parents, Lisette is all power suits, Wall Street, and stock options. When asked about her parents, Lisette is likely to tell you she is sure she’s adopted.
Liteuro handwriting font
Lite Euro is oh so cosmopolitan–sipping espresso in a café, strolling through art museums in the afternoon, stopping at a street market for the perfect dinner ingredients, and then heading out for champagne and dancing.
LiteUS handwriting font
Lite US is decaf coffee and family sitcoms and salads. Nothing fancy going on here–just your run-of-the-mill font with an easy slant you can count on; perfect for everyday use, with no hassle or fuss.
Loopy handwriting font
Tightly wound, a little jumpy, and full of curves, Loopy is spring-loaded with energy and emotion. Here’s a font that likes to make the most of ups and downs, and isn’t afraid to move into the personal space of its neighboring letter.
Mae handwriting font
Sweet Mae showed up at the office for an interview and we loved her immediately. She had one of the most unique styles we had ever seen–her letters forming like individual pieces of art. When we celebrate Mae Day around here it has a special meaning for all of us.
Michael handwriting font
An aspiring writer, Michael always had dreams of seeing his name in print. And although he has never sold a book, or a short story, or even an article, with this font we helped him make his dream come true.
Real handwriting font
The Real font is exactly that–real easy to use, real easy to read, real easy to love. Really? Yes, really.
Regular handwriting font
Our Regular handwriting font has a “ah shucks, don’t mind me, nothing to see here” kind of self-deprecation, but it’s actually a very popular font. Often when we are trying to decide what font to use for a document, someone will say “just fill it with Regular.
Ross handwriting font
Even though his job is one that requires an exceptional skill, Ross Mackey tends to get the same reaction (giggles) whenever he tells people what he does for a living. That’s because chicken sexers are a misunderstood lot. Ross loves his job and he’s considered one of the best in his field–it’s just that the job title doesn’t always go over easy.
Sheila handwriting font
Once you win a spelling bee, it seems to become a defining part of your personality: case in point, Sheila Sharpcracker, the spelling bee champion of Ripley Elementary in 1974. Sheila tried her hand at retail, marketing, and social work, but all the professions she tried spelled disaster until she became a (now highly successful) editor. (PS Her friends and family still call her Miss Spell.)
Shocked handwriting font
Use our Shocked font when you want to get a reaction from your readers. It’s like shouting at them with your handwriting. Try it in all caps for an even greater response. (Yes, this is the handwriting font of musician-songwriter Michelle Shocked.)
Sire handwriting font
Sire is whip smart and concise–making beautiful letters in an artful way that first draws your eye and then your full attention. Imagine the effect of using Sire for your personal and business correspondence. So impactful.
Toph handwriting font
Toph McGraw is an x-ray technician at a major metropolitan hospital. For someone in the medical field, he has surprisingly legible handwriting, don’t you think? Someone his patients get a little nervous try to find a way out having x-rays taken, but Toph has been around the block a few times and he can see right through their excuses.
Tsui handwriting font
Tsui is a master soap maker (or “soaper” as it’s known in the biz). From lavender to chamomile, spice to mixed berry, and even one that smells like bananas, his soaps are a veritable potpourri of scents, shapes, and colors. These outrageously priced handmade beauties are helping Tsui clean up in the soap business. By the way, he pronounces his name differently every time we see him!
Victoria handwriting font
Victoria sometimes thinks she’s the Queen of England, or at least she acts as if we should treat her like royalty. Fetch me this and bring me that and carry me here and feed me now–the demands are endless. Having just turned two years old, we certainly hope she’ll grow out of it.
Werner handwriting font
Werner is a crazy, funny, funky drummer who plays at our local after-work watering hole with a jazz trio on Friday nights. The group is amazingly good and we know they could make it big, but they seem to prefer to hang out with the locals and take the gigs that come their way. Doesn’t that beat all? After a long gig he prefers his name pronounced with a “V” instead of a “W”.
Wilson handwriting font
Alabaster P. Stevenson Wilson isn’t as uptight as his name implies. Although he comes from rather upscale stock (family over on the Mayflower and all that), he’s been known on occasion to drive his own car, fix his own breakfast, and once he ever ironed a shirt!
Wim handwriting font
Thinking back on his boyhood days in India, Wim fondly remembers traveling around with his father who was a boxwallah (that’s a traveling merchant). Wim sometimes went out on sales trips with his dad (sitting on the handlebars of the bicycle while his dad balanced large boxes of goods on the back), greeting neighbors and customers and enjoying the sites of Delhi.