Daily Archives: 7 March 2014

New vLetter Website!


After months of work, vLetter now has a new website! There’s a lot of new capabilities and content available to everyone.

Here’s a partial list of some of the features:

  • A blog, where we can publish new tips and tricks on how to use vLetter fonts.
  • Forums (bulletin boards), so everyone can share their own tips and tricks.
  • Free downloads for the Handwriting Font of the Day (HFOTD), along with a way to sign up for daily notifications.
  • A fast and simple checkout system using PayPal express. There’s even a way to download your purchase again directly from the receipt.
  • Tie-ins to Facebook and Twitter so blogs and newsletter show up immediately on social media

Let us know if there’s anything we can improve!

Happy fonting,
Dave first signature (transparant)

Dave Fenwick, CEO
vLetter, inc.

Special thanks to:

  • Shannon Vance – Coder extraordinaire
  • Kerry Cobb – Marketer at-large
  • VJ at The Key Infosys – Heavy-lifter