LiteUS SmartFont Demo

Try our free demos and downloads to see vLetter handwriting fonts for yourself! You can download the free LiteUS Demo font below, or check out any of the free downloadable demos listed at right.
Other Downloads:

vLetter LiteUS Demo SmartFont for Windows or Mac — FREE!

Download the “vLetter LiteUS Demo” font for Windows or Macintosh. This is a .zip file which contains the font file, installation instructions, and Help files for both Windows and Mac users. See the Help files for steps to enable OpenType features. NOTE: The demo font has the word “demo” in place of the lowercase “a” character. You can purchase the full version font (vLetter LiteUS) to get the lowercase “a.”




This handwriting font connects as you type!

How does it work?

Simply select any font from the Font menu and start typing! Change the fonts to any size and color. The letters in these fonts instantly connect or vary in shape as you type in programs that support contextual alternates in OpenType fonts.

Requires MS Word 2008 or newer, Apple Pages, Adobe apps, or all modern browsers. Click here to see full system requirements.

Installation Instructions for Windows Vista, 7,  8 or above

You may need administrative privileges to install fonts. If you do not have administrative privileges, you will need to ask someone with privileges to install the fonts (such as a computer tech at your company). 1. Close all Office or Adobe applications. 2. Right-click the .zip file and choose “Extract all…” from the menu, then click OK in the next dialog box to extract all the files to a new folder. 3. Open the new folder, then open the folder named “Fonts to Install” and select the font file (.otf extension). Right-click on the selected file and choose “Install” from the menu. 4. Open Word 2010, 2013 or newer, Publisher 2010 or newer, or an Adobe program (version CS4 or above). The fonts are now available in the Font menu or in the Character palette. If letters don’t connect, be sure to enable ligatures!

TO INSTALL in Mac OS X 10.5 or above:

1. Close TextEdit, Pages, Word 2008 or newer, and/or Adobe programs. 2. Double-click the .zip file; this extracts all files to a folder. Open this folder, then install using Font Book (steps below). Install using Font Book (may require Administrator privileges) Double-click the font file to open it in Font Book, then click the “Install Font” button.   Questions? Try our Support page.