Font FAQs

General Questions
What is a Font?A font is all the letters, numbers, punctuation and other symbols which compose a typeface. Click here for a more complete description of the origin of fonts and typefaces.
Why do some handwriting fonts look so small?Each handwriting font is unique, and will have its own optimum size (the size it is best used at). Click here for more info.
How has handwriting changed over the centuries?See our history of handwriting discussion here.
What are the differences between versions of vLetter handwriting fonts?There are three main generations of vLetter fonts. See more details here.
Where is the vLetter End User License Agreement?See the EULA here.
vLetter SmartFonts
What are the minimum System Requirements to use SmartFonts?Your operating system and application (like MS Word) must be able to use OpenType Advanced Features. Click here for details.
How do I make the SmartFont characters connect in Microsoft Word?If the characters in your SmartFont don't vary their shapes or connect, you need to enable ligatures in Font settings. Click here for a step-by-step description.
How can I make my "handwritten" MS Word documents look more real?Use these tips and tricks to vary the appearance of your document.
How do I get the tails at the end of words to appear when using SmartFonts in Adobe applications?Adobe applications do not use the standard Mac or Windows line layout routines, and the Adobe routines have a bug that doesn't display the end of word tails automatically. Press Option-T to manually add a tail at the end of a word.
Educational Fonts
How did educational handwriting methods evolve?Educational Handwriting Methods including D'Nealian® and Zaner-Bloser® styles. Click here for for more information.
How do I make a handwriting learning worksheet?Here are some basic guidelines for creating and using handwriting worksheets for children. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
Other Educational LinksClick here for other educational links.